Between Margins (print) – Sold Out

Between Margins (print) – Sold Out

Paper size: 72,5cm x 56cm (28.5 x 22 inches).
Image size: 64,5cm x 48cm (25.4 x 18.9 inches).
Paper: Hahnemühle, Photo Rag 308grs.
Hand-signed & numbered by Bruno Passos.

Artist’s notes:

Think of a song you love, remember how it thrilled you when you first heard it. Nothing could be added to make it better, in its dimensions it was complete and perfect.

Suddenly when you remember this song and even without listening to it, you start to sing alone. You can’t sing alike, you lack the instruments, the voice, the rhythm, but somehow an incredible feeling makes your body move and transform that moment. You sing louder, and your version, though it fails to copy reality, confesses everything you felt to hear that song for the first time.

Then you realize that all that excitement could only arise in your inability to control yourself and from there you create something new, particular, human and full of life. And that’s all that matters to you right now.

Well, this landscape that you are seeing is my out of tune, it’s the synthesis of everything I have felt and that I failed miserably in copying, it is the hypnotic heart of the Atlantic Forest, the song that didn’t leave my head during all those months.

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