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how to oil paint

Work in progress (oil painting)

There is an advantage to being overlooked, the possibility of creating canons. The old masters hardly painted the summer, the heat and the tropics.
When they did, it was the European vision: an amount sense of joy and happiness for those who were waiting for this specific station of the year. the result was beautiful, but sometimes obvious.
No wonder Gauguin was so exalted, living in the tropics he understood that the heat could be sad, that there was melancholy between bananas and snakes, and in this game of contrasts -invisible to the old continent – he created beauty (which is nothing more than the result of harmony between tensions).
My thoughts are suited to him. I’m trying to find the ugliness of summer because there is something very beautiful here, a sincerity unique to those who are sad in the sun.
how to oil paint
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