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Art during quarantine

Art during quarantine

I’ve reflected a lot on what the artist’s role is during a crisis, I don’t mean the role of Art, but the individual who creates it.

The years of work have taught me something: it’s impossible to guide an artist. It’s a waste of time. We cannot even be convinced, because creating is not rational, Reason is our engine, not the fuel.

But, as sensitive as we are, don’t we feel touched by this sea of ​​events? Have we become colder?

I believe not. Saying this would be similar to saying that the one who serenades is more passionate than the introvert, when in fact we know most of the time it’s the opposite.

The Creator does not exist to satisfy the public – although he longs for it – he has no purpose, I’m sorry, the only thing that is within his reach is to overflow his emotions in … things and some of these things make people overflow, remember its nature, joys, sorrows, flavors, and sensations.

About me, I constantly create works with a strong political influence (I have always been interested in the theme). I always worry about not showing this bias explicitly, otherwise, it would be an advertisement, not a painting. I am not a cause, I am plural and I live fighting not to be a hypocrite. I am as much a hero as a scoundrel, as anyone (some more others less, it is true).

As a person, I try to help some, try to be ethical, and fight for what I believe, but as an artist, I don’t consider I have any moral duty, ever. My only commitment is to my guts and, if they are good, then yes, better for all.

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