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Good art

The good Art

We seem to confuse a good art with a kind of “elevation of being,” a condition of moral superiority. The one who likes or creates art is better, bigger, brighter.
What a mistake!
It is true that for both appreciation and creation, certain knowledge is required.
We can only understand the power of the Crucifixion image when we have prior knowledge of what it represents: the disgust of violence and also the synthesis of love.
The Crucifixion gives us a clue about what is good art. It is not an Ideal (propaganda) or a virtue (moral). It embraces everything that stinks and smells good.
We can only be full in contemplation or appreciation when we come down from the pedestal, and that is what the Beautiful is all about, being the most reliable version of all that is Real.
It is true that good art cannot be performed without knowledge but it’s also true it needs certain brutality, a kind of savagery to access the senses.
Aseptic environments seem to me as fertile to art as cement is to wheat.
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