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contemplation, yamamoto tsunetomo quotes

Contemplation (Yamamoto Tsunetomo)

I’ve been studying how I can improve my contemplation habits. I think if I can grow it, I can find satisfaction in every day of my life.
Y. Tsunetomo gives me a valuable clue:
“The most important thing in your life is the goal you are pursuing at the present moment. The whole life of a man presents itself as a succession of moments. If you can understand this, there will be nothing more to be done, nothing more to aim for. Live being faithful to the goal of the moment. People miss the opportunity of the present moment, and then look for it as if they were somewhere else. But when they can grab them, people begin to accumulate experiences. When we can understand this accumulation of experience with objectivity, our problems will seem smaller.”
I don’t know how to fight anxiety better than to live in the present.
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